With Spring comes an exciting new release from our partners at Amsterdam University Press, part of Permanent Seminar’s book series, “Film Theory in Media History.” Jean Epstein: New Translations and Critical Essays, a sparkling collection edited by Sarah Keller and Jason Paul, can now be found on UK bookshelves (July 15th for the Americas), and may also be ordered direct from the source at the AUP website, here.

In the spirit of online sharing, AUP would also like to make it known that the Epstein collection is available for free PDF download here.

The next Film Theory in Media History release, Sergei Eisenstein’s Notes For a General History of Cinema, is forthcoming. Also in the works is a volume with translations of seminal essays from the Revue internationale de filmologie, and later a volume on early Italian film theory, edited by Francesco Casetti.

Rest assured we’ll keep you in the know. Check this space as well as our Facebook page for updates.